Something to cross off…

so today, babe and I did two of the things on our summer-to-do-list:

first we did an art project together šŸ™‚


we made pop-sicles together! okay so not nearly as exciting as I thought it was, but it was still fun. and super easy.


i bought this mold at Target today for $2.00 (mine is like the blue one, but only has 4 molds)


then we got some packets of Kool-Aid on sale for $.14 a package!

we made the Kool-Aid, poured it into the molds, and stuck in the freezer for about 4 hours. they were perfect, and very tasty (I used a little less water than I would if I were making it to drink and it gave the pop-sicles a stronger flavor). They were a hit, and my dad even ate one!


I was rather proud that they worked out so well šŸ™‚


We ran them under some warm water for about 10-20 seconds to loosen them up and they came right out of the mold, and stuck to the stick like they were supposed too!


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