I feel bad because I haven’t updated in forever…

but life has given me a swift kick in the ass. First let me start off by saying that having pneumonia was not, nor has it ever been, on my list of summer plans, yet I seem to have acquired it (and man is it kicking my ass). And to make matters worse, I have a fever (on it’s best days) leveling off at 100; which when added to the 90+ degree weather outside, is making things just lovely. I am on one of the strongest anti-biotics they could find and have been ordered to 2 weeks of no lifting, running, swimming, or extraneous activity of any kind (due to the fact that I may acquire something known as a “tendon rupture”, which does not sound pleasant in the least bit). This anti-biotic is also destroying my kidney’s very slowly and I have the desire to pee literally every 20 minutes, which makes sleeping quite impossible. Buuut, in good news, I did gain myself 2 days off of work in which I have taken to my couch with Gilmore Girls dvds and junk-food. Now onto the list of things I will be blogging about later:

  1. Family-Reunion (including pictures)
  2. Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
  3. My dad’s awesome review of the new Beach Boys album
  4. My plans for the future
  5. A few recipes I’ve been dying to try

Hope you enjoy!


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