Recipes we have loved :)

Okay so these recipes are ones that my mom and I have already made, To start off with, here’s a link to my Pinterest board for recipes to try/having tried.

Last night we had Spaghetti Pie. In my somewhat delirious state (thanks my pneumonia) I forgot to take a picture of it, but trust me, the picture would have done it no justice! It was beyond amazing, the perfect blend of Spaghetti and Quiche and Cheese. It was amazing and it was definitely something we will make again!

Another amazing dish that we have had recently was Chicken Lasagna Roll-Ups. These were beyond amazing and I couldn’t believe that they tasted so wonderful. Even my boyfriend was in love with them 🙂 I did remember to take a picture of these.

Another awesome recipe was the Roadside Diner Cheeseburger Quiche. It was also quite wonderful (though mom and I did omit the onion, relish, and hot-sauce). It was spectacular, despite the fact that it does not sound quite tasty.

I also made Chicken Caesar Pasta one night for dinner and it was also, wonderful. Although the recipe calls for this to be eaten hot, I would recommend, not. We ate it cold and it was far more awesome than I imagine it would have been if it were warm. This is definitely a must try for anyone.


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