the Beach Boys

So ever since I can remember I have been listening to the Beach Boys with my father. I’ve always enjoyed them, and I even own several CDs for myself (not to mention that I saw them in concert twice!) Not just that, but it’s always been something that my dad and I have had in common; and jamming out to their classic tunes has always been something we’ve enjoyed doing, together. As some of you may know, the Beach Boys recently released a new CD, one that is not to shabby if I might put in my two cents. Recently, my dad wrote a review of the CD for his company website (why I’m not sure), but I thought that I should share because it is quite wonderful 🙂 Anyone who enjoys the Beach Boys, or just reading a well written article, should definitely give this little piece a read. Enjoy!

jim and brittany. kings dominion. 92 or 93

And just for a little flash-back, here’s a picture of my dad and I having some fun at Kings Dominion 🙂


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