Williamsburg adventure :)

So this past weekend my boyfriend and I enjoyed a little getaway to Williamsburg šŸ™‚ It was so much fun and I had a blast, despite the weather being crappy on Saturday. We did lots of shopping and I got tons of stuff :). We drove down on Friday night after work and just spent the night relaxing in the hotel room. On Saturday we woke up and went to breakfast at I-Hop. After that we went and did some major shopping! We went into Merchant’s Square and walked around, then went to Christmas Mouse, Yankee Candle, and the pottery. After that we went in the Candy Store and then finished our shopping off at the Outlets šŸ™‚ I got two Christmas presents for my Mama, one for my daddy and one for Helen. I also got a birthday present for my dad that I cannot wait to give him. I also got a hand-full of candy and some salsa (for daddy). We went to the outlets and walked the entire thing! I got a new pair of jeans and babe got a new leather jacket (in which he looks mighty fine ;)…) and a new pair of shoes. I also got some cupcake stuff and a few little nick-knacks. After all our shopping, we went back to the hotel and I jumped in the pool for a half hour. After that we showered and then went to dinner at Food for Thought šŸ™‚ The food was amazing and we looooved it! After that we went to the General Store and shopped, then headed back to the room. This morning we woke up and packed all our things up before heading to breakfast at Mama Steve’s. The food was really good, though the place looked kinda dumpy. After that babe took me to play putt-putt at Pirate Cove Golf and it was so much freaking fun. It was probably the best putt-putt place I have ever been too! After that we headed home!

Here’s some pictures!

this is me at Mama Steve’s. repping my new William and Mary shirt šŸ™‚
this cutie was exhausted after our trip
I got all this candy, plus a thing of pop rocks and some Sugar Daddy’s for only $4.99!
Me at Pirate’s Cove šŸ™‚

We were being touristy šŸ™‚Image
this is what we woke up to Saturday morning :/ but we didn’t let it stop us from having a blast!Image
this is part of a Christmas Village, and I must own it, now!Image
this quote was on the wall at dinner. I thought it was enlightening

babe with Caitlin’s boyfriend. lolImage
only the coolest putt-putt place ever!

babe and I at Yankee Candle ā¤
My Jelly-Belly cupcake jar that babe got me šŸ™‚Image
me at the pool šŸ™‚
me inside Yankee Candle šŸ™‚ looooove the Christmas atmosphere!Image
so I’m officially addicted to this stuff šŸ™‚ I can’t get enough of it!Image
breakfast at Mama Steve’s

sign that was inside Yankee Candle. and it really did snow too!


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