Baltimore part 2

On our second day in Baltimore (and the whole reason we went in the first place!) Tony and I went and saw the Yankees vs. Orioles game. Now we are huge Yankees fans! (we even went to the last regular season game against the Red Sox last year!) So for us to venture into Baltimore territory wearing Yankees gear was very dangerous, however, there were more Yankees fans than we expected (and we were pretty much surrounded by them at the game too). The game was amazing, but it always is when you see your team play live. And of course to top it off, we won 13-3 🙂 Let’s go Yankees!


This is my adorable boyfriend relaxing before we left for the game. That is by far my favorite shirt ever and I have been looking for months to find one in women’s that actually looks decent (with no luck yet).


Camden Yards, for it being the “other team’s” stadium, it was mighty nice and we really enjoyed the environment and the people who worked there were surprisingly nice.


These are the boys, warming up during batting practice. It was pretty amazing to be able to watch them warm-up from so close! (We sat only 4 rows back from the front, and we were on the bottom tier). You can thank my super awesome zoom lens for being able to get close up. Sorry some of them aren’t that great in quality though, it was windy and I was standing back so I was having trouble focusing some of them.


Our starting pitcher, Mr. Freddy Garcia! He was warming up right in front of us and it was an amazing opportunity to get pictures of this mans amazing skills!


Okay, so these are the guys warming up. The top one is the Captain (Derek Jeter for those of you uninformed citizens). The middle two are of Nick Swisher, yes they are of his butt. Why you ask? Because Nick Swisher has the sexiest ass in baseball (other than Mark Teixeria, but he was on the DL that night :(…). I’m not really sure who is stretching on the bottom, but my gut feeling tells me it was also Swishalicious.


These were all taken during the game. Yes I realize there are a lot of pictures of butts, but when you’re forced to sit in the outfield section of the stadium, you can’t really expect much 😦 Next time, we’ll plan ahead and get better seats!


And there’s the final score! Yes, it was only the 8th inning, but it never changed after that 🙂


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