Sugar Cookies

So for the Christmas Party I decided to try my hand at making Sugar Cookies (I used the recipe found here). Now let me just tell you straight up what a pain in the ass these were to make. The dough would not mix together to save it’s life, and rolling it out was beyond impossible. Not to mention they were super thick and were really hard to cook properly. Buuut… After it was all said and done, they were finally finished. They do not have much flavor unless you frost them, just a heads up, but after you frost them, they are delicious! I wanted to try and practice some of the decorating techniques I’ve been learning in my cake classes, but thanks to a time crunch, they didn’t turn out nearly as beautiful I was hoping :/. However, everyone loved them and they were a hit!!

481522_10152335015520554_2114843355_n 576509_10152336160025554_2106151114_n 521309_10152336161140554_1300853489_n 68144_10152336161940554_944795148_n


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