Tacky Light Tour

So last night Mama, Daddy, Tony, and I went on the Tacky Light Tour around Richmond (except we drove ourselves instead of renting a limo or something). First we went to Plaza Azteca for dinner and it was amazing 🙂 Then we hit the road. We plugged the addresses from the Tacky Light Tour list on-line into the GPS and let good old Myrtle lead the way. It was lots of fun and we even got to get out and walk around at a few of the houses. Enjoy some pictures that I took 🙂

14693_10152333863680554_1158822762_n 45158_10152333864610554_73804273_n 74063_10152333864345554_2045897888_n 205098_10152333864250554_1504266208_n 282546_10152333864535554_1706837139_n 282861_10152333863840554_1110678390_n 316558_10152333864880554_1634445998_n 316604_10152333864805554_477180446_n 481667_10152333864125554_660220555_n 483527_10152333863830554_907330310_n 543869_10152333864645554_2049189103_n 576275_10152333864195554_1270878002_n 576417_10152333863705554_873440766_n 576434_10152333864155554_1523608179_n 603249_10152333864275554_1041543413_n


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