Wilton Course 3 Gradaution Cake

So last Thursday was my graduation night for Course 3 of the Wilton Cake Decorating Classes. My mom made the cake and frosted it for me on Wednesday because I had to work all day, but I did all the decorating. I covered in green fondant (which was cheesecake flavored) and then used yellow fondant daisies that I had pre-made to put on top. I also used some of my extra yellow fondant to decorate the cake with stripes across the top, the border, and the little yellow star flowers. All-in-all I think it turned out quite beautifully and I received many compliments from my teacher and my classmates. I even got brave and posted a picture of it on the Wilton Facebook and received wonderful feedback. My mom took the cake to work yesterday (I don’t eat fondant and I’m on a diet so I didn’t want the cake to go to waste) and her co-workers loved it! I went in there to pick a few things yesterday afternoon and they were complimenting me left and right. I am so proud of myself and I cannot wait to make another cake like this. I start course 4 on Thursday and I’m excited but sad that it’s the last course. Hopefully I’ll have more cakes to share with you guys soon!





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