End of the Year

It’s almost the end of the year, and with graduation almost here I’m preparing to leave and move onto something else (hopefully something bigger and better). I’ve been trying to document my kids together over the past few days so that I have pictures to remember them by (and so that I can share the pictures with them and their families).

ImageKari and I with our kids šŸ™‚Imagegoofy facesImageAryaa and KatelynImageSamantha and MeredithImageMaddie and Kate šŸ™‚ImageSara, Meredith, and SummerImageDrew, Sara, and KatelynImageDavid, Greyson, and AmirImageKriesh and DavisImageMaddie, Madeline, and Audrey (a Gator friend)ImageGreyson, Samantha, and JakeyImageGreysonImageAmeerah and DrewImageFront Row: Katelyn, David, Drew, Davis, and Jake
Middle Row: Kriesh, Greyson, Ameerah, and Sara
Standing: Samantha and AmirImageDavid and Kate šŸ™‚ImageSara and SamanthaImageMeredith and GreysonImageMadelineImageKatie P.!ImageSara, Kate, Maddie, David, and Greyson šŸ™‚


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