Columbus Day Art Project

I had to come up with some kind of art project for Columbus Day and I am quite proud of my creation! I found the idea on Pinterest and I made a few changes and combined a few different ideas together to make one. I love it so much and I hope my kids enjoy it!



Proposing to my bridesmaids


I found this idea on Pinterest and just had to steal it! It was too cute not too! I adjusted the wording a little to be more appropriate for me and my girls but it’s pretty much the same! And I made these completely by hand! I typed up the saying in Word and used font colors that were close to what we’ve picked for our wedding colors (though the teal printed out more green and I’m not sure why). Then one day this week I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some card-stock paper (I got 3 sheets of off-white, 3 sheets of coral, and 2 sheets of teal for only $6). I printed out the saying on the off-white card-stock and then cut it out. After that I glued it to the coral and trimmed it down to where I wanted it, then did the same thing with the teal. I used white envelopes that I had at home and wrote the girls names on the front (I forgot to take a picture of this part!) I asked Elizabeth tonight and she said ‘yes’ of course! Now I just have two more to go!

Lesson Plan: Sports theme and Trophies

I had my second working interview this morning (at the same place as the last one), but this was with an older preschool group. I had to do another lesson and activity and my theme for this week was sports! So we started off by reading Clifford: Sports Day! It was a cute book and the kids loved it. Then after that we played a pattern game where the kids had to tell me which sport related item came next in the group. The kids were really into this and they did such a good job, they’re super smart! After that, we decorated our own trophies! I found the idea for this craft on Pinterest and I just couldn’t resist! I figured it was unique and probably not something the kids had ever gotten to do (or would get to do). They were a hit! Tony, mom, and I put the trophies together over the weekend (to save time) and then I brought them into school with me and had the kids decorate them. They got to use foam stickers (hearts, stars, and sports shapes) and glitter pens. While they were working on them I went around and asked each kid their name and what letter it begin with (they all did really well at this part). I then gave them the appropriate foam letter and let them attach it to their trophy. They turned out super cute and the kids loved them! I wish I had taken a picture. Below is a picture of my pattern board/game and a picture of the trophy that I made. I’ve also attached a copy of my lesson plan for the activity! Hope you enjoy!

Drink Umbrella Wreath!

so I found this amazing craft on Pinterest the other day and I knew immediately that I had to try it out! it was so simple and tons of fun! it livens up any room and is so cheery and appropriate for the summer season! (not to mention that it was super cheap, under $5!)

I got the wreath for $3.45 at Wal*Mart. mine was green and the smaller of the three (14″ I think)

and I got a package of drink umbrellas for $1 from the Christmas Tree Shops (you can also find them at the Dollar Tree, or Michael’s or Party City if you want more than 30)

first I popped out all of the umbrellas and then cut them all down some so that they wouldn’t stick up too much.

This was my final product and I couldn’t me more happy with it!

Arts and Crafts

Now as a teacher, I have found that arts & crafts is something I greatly doing with my kids! (Mainly because my lead teacher doesn’t do it). So I have taken it upon myself to plan out neat and exciting things for my kids to do. They always enjoy doing fun things and I can tell that they would much rather do these things than just being given a piece of paper and some crayons (I mean, come on, they’re 4.5-5 years old for Christ’s sake). Here’s a few of the art projects that we have done since November. I haven’t taken pictures of everything, but I’m getting at better documenting the cute things that we do so that I can share them 🙂 (and save them for later!). For other arts and crafts ideas for kids, check out my Teaching Board on Pinterest!

Snowman! I found this template in a pattern book that we have and I just made several copies and then cut them out. Then I cut out the paper for them to use as arms and legs. The kids also got to color them and some made hats and scarves using the paper!

I found these ornaments on sale at Micheal’s a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist. We let them decorate them with glitter glue and beads ! Then we hung them on this tree.

Hand print Menorah’s! I found this idea on Pinterest and I couldn’t resist! Our kids loved making them too 🙂

I found this scarecrow idea on Pinterest too (except they made his face using popsicle sticks). My kids loved them and they turned out really cute!

Christmas trees! We used out finger-prints to make the ornaments!

Snowflakes using pipe-cleaners and beads 🙂 These were definitely a hit!
I found this penguin on Pinterest too and he was too cute to not try 🙂

Now this idea I found on Pinterest and I just couldn’t help myself. All the parent looooved these and we got so many compliments on them 🙂

Pinterest Project/Teaching Tool

So I discovered this wonderful little project on Pinterest a few months ago, and ever since then I have been determined to make it happen for my classroom. Well today, I finally did it 🙂


So I started with this old flower-pot that we had laying around collecting dust/dirt in the garage. I gave it a good bath and then…


I used left-over sample paint from when we painted my room and turned it into this 🙂 I painted the entire inside too!


Then I took one of these foam balls from Michaels…


And this bag of Dum-Dums that I bought at Five Below, and…


Viola! My Dum-Dum tree! Granted, mine does not look as pretty and neat as the one in the picture, but I am still quite proud of myself 🙂

Something to cross off…

so today, babe and I did two of the things on our summer-to-do-list:

first we did an art project together 🙂


we made pop-sicles together! okay so not nearly as exciting as I thought it was, but it was still fun. and super easy.


i bought this mold at Target today for $2.00 (mine is like the blue one, but only has 4 molds)


then we got some packets of Kool-Aid on sale for $.14 a package!

we made the Kool-Aid, poured it into the molds, and stuck in the freezer for about 4 hours. they were perfect, and very tasty (I used a little less water than I would if I were making it to drink and it gave the pop-sicles a stronger flavor). They were a hit, and my dad even ate one!


I was rather proud that they worked out so well 🙂


We ran them under some warm water for about 10-20 seconds to loosen them up and they came right out of the mold, and stuck to the stick like they were supposed too!

Art Project #1!

today babe and I did our first art project together!!! the tutorial can be found here!


here are the cut-outs I used to trace the letters with. I used an Arial Black 400 size font (the & symbol was in 300pt.)


make sure to turn the letters in reverse! i forget with the R once and had to erase and start over!


our first one!


all done! and before we strung everything together!


me with the final product!


the final product! my mom wasn’t sure where to hang it, so it’s on our mantle now!