Christmas this year was pretty fantastic! Even though it was rough getting into the Christmas spirit for me, I still enjoyed the holiday and loved getting be with my family.

I worked until 3ish on Christmas Eve (something I am still extremely bitter about). After that I came home and showered and laid in bed with my fiance and watched TV for a while. Then my uncle came over for dinner and we had a yummy feast (mac&cheese, ham, corn, and biscuits)! After dinner we all played Yahtzee and listened to Christmas music. I went to bed pretty early because I’ve been having problems with my back and have been on medication that makes me super groggy.

0 here’s a picture of us playing Yahtzee!

I woke up early on Christmas morning and had breakfast with my parents (yummy cinnamon rolls!) and then we opened our presents to each other. I got some really nice gifts and I feel so blessed. After that we all got ready and then Tony came over and we opened our presents to each other and from my parents. Then we went and had lunch with my family!

After my grandmother passed away in 2009 we started a new Christmas Day tradition of going to a local Chinese restaurant to eat lunch/dinner! It has probably been the best idea my family has ever had! It’s so much fun and we eat so much yummy food! This year we had pretty much the same group of people, although my mom’s best-friend and her husband did join us (altogether it was: me and Tony, mom and dad, my uncle Nick, Alfred and Robin (who are practically my aunt and uncle), Ricki and Wayne (my mom’s best-friend and her husband), and my cousin Wade and his girlfriend Bonnie). It was so much fun and I’m so glad we started the tradition. After we ate lunch Tony and I came home with my parents and dad and Tony played games on the Atari Flashback 4 that I bought my dad! After Tony went home I spent the rest of the day being lazy and hanging out with my mom.

Here’s some pictures from the day! I hope everyone had a good Christmas and is ready for a new year! (I know we’re not prepared at all)!

1 our yummy cinnamon roll breakfast (accompanied by hot chocolate of course!)
the beautiful Christmas tree in the living room
3 my mama’s beautiful Christmas village!
Farmer Jim’s gifts from Santa

6 my gifts from Santa!
mama’s gifts from Santa!
I got a bottle of Rum! (to replace the three bottles my dad has drunk and then replaced)
12 8 I got the cutest cupcake clock! I cannot wait to have a place of our own so that I can hang it in our kitchen!
9 mama’s awesome new bird feeder!
dad was really excited for his pistachios!
Β  the bud-bud playing in the paper
14 I was sooooo excited to get this book! I’m such a psychology nerd and I absolutely love Oliver Sacks and his books!
dad got a Red Baron plane!
my new cupcake platter!
dad got a new shirt! I promise he was more excited than it seems!
mama got a new M&M charm bracelet from daddy!
I got a gift certificate for a massage from Farmer Jim! I’m so excited!
yes we did get Farmer Jim Wink! for Christmas!
mama got me a subscription to Food Network Magazine! I absolutely love everything Food Network, like I have a serious problem
and I got a mini cupcake maker! so exciting!
my gifts after opening!
mama’s gifts after opening!
Farmer Jim’s gifts after opening!
all of my gifts from my students!
Farmer Jim’s tractor!
a beautiful birdhouse from my cousin and his girlfriend and an adorable snowman plate from my aunt Helen
the Stinky looking possessed amongst the wrapping paper
gift cards from my students
dad’s new Atari Flashback 4! which he loooves!
33 I am in love with Ree Drummond and her cooking! I love her show and her cookbooks and I am so excited that I got two of them for Christmas! I cannot wait to start making these recipes.

34 mama and daddy with their little black babies (Ziva and Abby)
mama and daddy with Ziva and M&M
M&M and Abby (the best of friends)
me with my new laminator thanks to my awesome fiance!38 I have had my eyes on this cookie jar since Hobby Lobby put their Christmas stuff out back in September. I was so surprised that I got it and I cannot wait to use it! thanks babe!39 my new cupcake carousel!
my future mother-in-law has the best taste in clothing! she got me this cute pink sweater and this adorable earmuff headband! I love them both!


Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes!

Today, I made Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes! and let me tell you, they are the most divine things ever! I got the recipe out of my new Better Homes and Garden cookbook, but you can find it here! The recipe calls for you to add frosting to them, but we opted out of frosting because they were wonderful by themselves. I do however, think that they would taste wonderful with a glaze over them, but I didn’t try it this time. The recipe also called for nuts, but we omitted thoseΒ  too (because I have a nut allergy and my mom doesn’t like them in food). These are so yummy and are definitely better if eaten warm! Even Farmer Jim enjoyed one!


Flying Purple People Eater Cupcakes!

so tomorrow my kids are graduating from Pre-K! and our graduation is “space themed” (don’t ask my why…) so all of our songs are “space related”. our last song is Purple People Eater so I thought what a better way to celebrate the end of the school year than with cupcakes! and what’s better than Purple People Eater cupcakes!

my inspiration came from here and here

here are mine!

Easter Cupcakes!

Wednesday night I made Easter Cupcakes for my kid at work πŸ™‚ They were super yummy and they turned out super cute! I’m so proud of myself! My kids loved them (though they don’t really care what they look like) but I got lots of compliments from my co-workers about them!

I made 12 big cupcakes and just piped on “grass”

then I decorated one big one like the little ones for Tony πŸ™‚

there they are! 24 little Easter bunny cupcakes!

Wilton Fondant Daisies

blue fondant daisies that I’m working on for family reunion cupcakes πŸ™‚

Day 16: Something New

Wilton Fondant Tool Kit πŸ™‚

Wilton Cake Decorating Course 2

So on Thursday I finished my Wilton Cake Course 2! It was so much fun and I cannot wait to start Course 3 on Thursday! Here are some pictures of the wonderful things that I learned πŸ™‚

580671_10152405134415554_90966074_n 479809_10152514084385554_1660267451_n
Fondant Button Flowers
549969_10152514083065554_2111932891_n 66097_10152531471540554_1008889299_n
Roses. Mine always wilt :/ I haven’t figured out how to make them look like real roses yet, but I still like how they look!
299315_10152514077540554_1474243077_n 205727_10152514078880554_1405112565_n
Primroses. The yellow on is my favorite of all!
Daffodil. Not my favorite, but still pretty

Fondant Pansy πŸ™‚ Pretty, but kind of tricky

Rosebuds. Mine weren’t very real looking :/
This was my graduation cake πŸ™‚ I absolutely love it!
And my graduation certificate πŸ™‚

Day 2: Words

practicing my fondant flowers πŸ™‚