Two weeks ago, I married the love of my life. The day was a big blur, but it was wonderful the same. I couldn’t have asked for better friends and family for all their help! Tony and I are so thankful for everything and everyone, and we are so far enjoying our married life. Here are a few photos from the special day. When we get the rest back, I’ll post them too!

First Kiss as Husband and Wife 🙂

Mama and A-Lib helping me get ready

we have the best friends

Eight years of friendship. Couldn’t do it without her

this girl was my sanity for the majority of the day. love me some A-Lib

these four beautiful ladies mean the world to me and it meant so much to have them share this special day with them. I honestly wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for them ❤

he did good 🙂

Ephesians 6:9

love my handsome hubby

Farmer Jim and Mama ❤

the lovely little Poarch ladies 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this day amazing ❤ We love you guys and we appreciate it all 🙂 Thanks Elizabeth, Kelsey, Scott, Seth, A-Lib, Alana, Christine, Helen, Farmer Jim, Mama, Raimo, Mary-Alice, Mareck, Michael, Robin, Mama Carolyn, and Becca, you guys are the best!


If You Give…

So I am obsessed with the If You Give A series by Laura Numeroff. My favorite is If You Give A Cat A Cupcake, for obvious reasons (I love cupcakes and I love kitties!) Well for one of my education classes I had to pick a children’s book and make a WEB & Curriculum Integration for it (basically had to make an entire day’s lessons around a certain book). I picked, of course, If You Give A Cat A Cupcake. For my assignment though, I have to actually have the book available and have to carry-out some of my lessons. Well I went to buy the book on amazon the other night, and it was $12.95! $12.95! For a children’s book! The paperback wasn’t much less! I was outraged! So I went to eBay! Where I proceeded to find TEN Laura Numeroff books for $46 (including shipping). What a steal. That made them $4.60 a piece! I was so excited! They arrived on Friday and I couldn’t wait to open them and read them! Needless to say I scared my boyfriend with the excitement!


Lesson Plan: Sports theme and Trophies

I had my second working interview this morning (at the same place as the last one), but this was with an older preschool group. I had to do another lesson and activity and my theme for this week was sports! So we started off by reading Clifford: Sports Day! It was a cute book and the kids loved it. Then after that we played a pattern game where the kids had to tell me which sport related item came next in the group. The kids were really into this and they did such a good job, they’re super smart! After that, we decorated our own trophies! I found the idea for this craft on Pinterest and I just couldn’t resist! I figured it was unique and probably not something the kids had ever gotten to do (or would get to do). They were a hit! Tony, mom, and I put the trophies together over the weekend (to save time) and then I brought them into school with me and had the kids decorate them. They got to use foam stickers (hearts, stars, and sports shapes) and glitter pens. While they were working on them I went around and asked each kid their name and what letter it begin with (they all did really well at this part). I then gave them the appropriate foam letter and let them attach it to their trophy. They turned out super cute and the kids loved them! I wish I had taken a picture. Below is a picture of my pattern board/game and a picture of the trophy that I made. I’ve also attached a copy of my lesson plan for the activity! Hope you enjoy!

Tools – Lesson Planning!

So for my working interview on Wednesday I had to come up with my own 15-20 minute lesson, write up a lesson plan, and prepare any other parts and pieces of the lesson. I was super nervous about this because I’ve never written my own lesson plan, at least not without some kind of assistance. But after browsing the web and talking with my mom I came up with something!

We’re going to read a book, which believe it or not, was harder to find than you would think! I’m not really thrilled with my book choice, but I couldn’t find anything better (my local library was out of everything). After that we’re gonna talk about other tools that you can find around the house, where those tools go, and what those tools do! Then we’re gonna put the icons on the chart that I created under their location. Lastly we’re gonna make our own personal tool belts at art!

my tool belt!

my chart!

Here is a copy of my lesson plan, the icons I used to make my chart, and the tool belt tool outline!

Poarch Family Fourth!

for the fourth of July me, Tony, and my parents headed down to Salem, VA for the Poarch Family Fourth! It’s hosted by my mom’s cousin and his wife and it’s always so much fun! Despite the rain (the event is always outside) we had an amazing time! There was tons of food and awesome music (provided by my cousin’s band). I was so excited to share the night with Tony for the first time ever! Here’s some pictures from the day!


Pre-K Graduation!

today my kids graduated! it was such a bittersweet moment! they were adorable and sang wonderfully! I’m so proud of them! 🙂

me and Jakey Bacon!Image
me and Samantha
Me and Amir!Image
me and Hannah Banana!Image
my flowers from David B.Image
me and Katie P.!Image
me grads!Image
me and Maddie Moo!Image
me and David B.!Image
me and Greyson!Image
me and Davis!
me and Madeline!

Flying Purple People Eater Cupcakes!

so tomorrow my kids are graduating from Pre-K! and our graduation is “space themed” (don’t ask my why…) so all of our songs are “space related”. our last song is Purple People Eater so I thought what a better way to celebrate the end of the school year than with cupcakes! and what’s better than Purple People Eater cupcakes!

my inspiration came from here and here

here are mine!

End of the Year Part 2

A lot of these pictures were taken by my kids 🙂
David, Greyson, and MaddieImageHannah and AmeerahImageDavid and JakeyImageMadeline and HannahImageDavid, Jakey, and AmirImageGreyson, Amir, David (standing), Samantha, Jakey, and MaddieImageSara, Maddie, Hannah, Katelyn, and DavidImageSara, Amir, Samantha, Hannah, and MaddieImageJake, Sara, Maddie, Hannah, Amir, and Arman (Amir’s brother)

End of the Year

It’s almost the end of the year, and with graduation almost here I’m preparing to leave and move onto something else (hopefully something bigger and better). I’ve been trying to document my kids together over the past few days so that I have pictures to remember them by (and so that I can share the pictures with them and their families).

ImageKari and I with our kids 🙂Imagegoofy facesImageAryaa and KatelynImageSamantha and MeredithImageMaddie and Kate 🙂ImageSara, Meredith, and SummerImageDrew, Sara, and KatelynImageDavid, Greyson, and AmirImageKriesh and DavisImageMaddie, Madeline, and Audrey (a Gator friend)ImageGreyson, Samantha, and JakeyImageGreysonImageAmeerah and DrewImageFront Row: Katelyn, David, Drew, Davis, and Jake
Middle Row: Kriesh, Greyson, Ameerah, and Sara
Standing: Samantha and AmirImageDavid and Kate 🙂ImageSara and SamanthaImageMeredith and GreysonImageMadelineImageKatie P.!ImageSara, Kate, Maddie, David, and Greyson 🙂